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Hope for life is basic mission is to helping the orphan and need children in various ways. Here we have our our basic need for ministry and orphan home. we trying to give the well education to these children who with no ability of get education and give the better facilities of living to orphans and needy children. The plight of children in our orphan home moves to us. The need are so many. we have listed here some of the many orphan home and home school that we served them under the banner of Christ. We have 58 children here in different villages Hope for Life Ministry supporting these children with material and basic need of life. Dear friends please contact to us to help each orphan children here. You a little contribution change a life of an orphan child and bring it to access to well education with you little help. Here is a list of our need for orphan home and home school. Please prayer for us that Lord will provide for children from His blessings. 


Basic Needs:

  • Bible Story Books.
  • Food For Kids.
  • Medical Treatment.
  • Pencils, Pens, Markers.
  • Ruled Paper.
  • Colored Pencils.
  • Constructions Paper.
  • Blunt Scissors.
  • Note Books.
  • Crayons.
  • English Search Books.
  • Small Pads,
  • Coloring Books.
  • Pencils Sharpeners.
  • Foam Shapes and Sheets.
  • Craft Supplies like, Popsicle Sticks.
  • Glitter Glue, All Colors.


 Other Needs for Kids: 

  • Need A Big Building For School.
  • Desks & Chairs (Children on floor to study)
  • Fans for Rooms.
  • Computer Lab.
  • Library.
  • Food.
  • Medical Treatment.
  • Stationery for Kids 

  • Appeal: Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ We are going to start Another Sunday school  there are 31 children. The children will start their Bible studies and school education in new Home school of Hope for Life Ministries dear Friends and we are making our earnest appeal to all of our friends and donors  to help us to have books, stationery, uniforms, note books and copies for our children. Your any little support makes much difference and every penny is counted. We are so very much thankful to you for all of your support and prayers which are desperately needed and highly appreciated. Thank you so very much for joining with us in faith, trust, prayers and expectancy.www.hopeforlifeministry.webs.com 

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